Quebracho ATO

ATLAS BRAND QUEBRACHO ATO POWDER is of Argentinian origin manufactured by chemically treating natural Quebracho extract in order to achieve full cold water solubility and by spray drying it. Quebracho contains the largest tannin percentage among vegitable extracts. This natural ATO extract is excellent for drum tannage and also for the retannage of chrome leathers.

Typical analysis:
Physical aspect   : Light reddish brown mild hygroscopic powder.
Tannins : 70%
Non-tannin : 20%
Moisture : 8%
Ash content : 6.8%
PH(10%soln.) : 4 -4.5

Atlas Brand Quebracho ATO is fully soluble in cold water. It has the following characteristics in vegitable tannage making it the best natural extract for vegitable tanning/ retanning of all kind of hides and skins :

  • High tannin content
  • Quick penetration at natural pH
  • Excellent tanning properties, uniform quality.
  • Non-astringent with excellent weight yield.
  • Full compatibility with other vegitable extracts and syntans
  • Particularly suitable for vegitable tanning of all kinds of leathers as well as for combined tanning and chrome retannage.
  • Quebracho ATO imparts to chrome leather better fullness, buffability, polishability, embossability together with bellies and shank filling.