Ledertan PC

Phenolic condensate anionic syntan

Physical form : Pale coloured powder
Concentration : 94-95%
pH ( 1%Solution ) : 5.0-5.5

Ledertan PC is o synthetic tanning agent with a high tanning ability. It is fast to light and has a strong dispersing power. Ledertan PC powder is recommended for many uses, but especially when the leather (sheepskins or wide-bellied hides) must have a compact fullness without damaging the grain fineness. In vegetable tonnage or retannage, the addition of Ledertan PC powder curbs the astringency, gives a lighter colour, exhaust the tannin better, gives a chromium-like springy handle to the leather and improves its tear resistance. Ledertan PC is a powerful filling syntan particularly for the loose bellies. It can be used in combination with other synthetic and natural tanning materials. This syntan enhances handle, buffability and colour-levelling properties while imparting a mellow but firm grain. Ideally, usage of 4-6% is of this syntan will suffice for normal leathers.