Quebracho ATO – K

The most formidable tanning extract in the world is Mimosa (Wattle) Extract. Mimosa trees are found and cultivated in east african countries and also in Brazil. Mimosa is followed by Quebracho Extract which is found in Argentina. Mimosa is favoured around the world for its comparatively lighter colour and is easier to handle where as Quebracho has a dark brown shade but is an excellent tanning material and is preffered where solidity in leather is aimed.

India is blessed with the availability of this Quebracho tree which grows abundantly in Kerala region in India in dense sub-tropical forests. It has the advantage of local availability at comparatively more economical prices, For the sake of cost benifit and with india’s vast natural resources and manpower availability. opportunities are abundant and they need to be harvested for the benifit of one and all concerned. Quebracho extract is commercialised in the form of spray-dried moistened powder.

Typical analysis:
Physical aspect   : Light reddish brown mild hygroscopic powder.
Tannins : 72%
Non-tannin : 18%
Moisture : 8%
Ash content : 6.8%
PH(10%soln.) : 4 -4.5

Quebracho ATO – K is fully soluble in cold water. It has the following characteristics in vegitable tannage making it the best natural extract for vegitable tanning/ retanning of all kind of hides and skins :

  • High tannin content
  • Quick penetration at natural pH
  • Excellent tanning properties, uniform quality.
  • Non-astringent with excellent weight yield.
  • Full compatibility with other vegitable extracts and syntans
  • Particularly suitable for vegitable tanning of all kinds of leathers as well as for combined tanning and chrome retannage.
  • Quebracho ATO – K imparts to chrome leather better fullness, buffability, polishability, embossability together with bellies and shank filling.