Mimosa GS Powder

TIGER BRAND VEGTAN MIMOSA GS EXTRACT POWDER of Brazilian origin is a natural, blended Mimosa extract , low in salts and insolubles with low sludge-forming tendency. It is so blended that it imparts vegtan characteristics and filling to an optimum level. This product is specially recommended for re-tanning of chrome leathers. It could be used alone or blended with syntans for re-tanning purposes based on the end-use requirements.

Analysis :
Tannins : 68 %
Non-tannins : 25 %
Moisture : 6.5 %
Insolubles : 0.5 %

For complete vegtan effect 14-16 % extract can be used and for chrome re-tanning 3-5 % can be used alone or in combination with syntans.